Mikko Markkanen

CEO & Co-Founder, Business Arena Oy
Mikko Markkanen is the CEO / Co-founder at Business Arena Oy, a Finnish innovation intermediary, and the Co-Founder of Finland’s oldest fully privately-funded co-creation and co-working platform Crazy Town Oy.

He is a portfolio entrepreneur, responsible for managing over 400 projects, conceptualizations and events.  During the past +15 years, Mikko has facilitated events for more than 60 000 participants.

His professional interest lies in enabling communities of people share tacit knowledge and getting things done – by experimenting with real-life cases and entrepreneurial mindset.

At Business Arena, Mikko is an experienced hands-on activist and trainer in university-business-cooperation and innovation culture change. He has coached hundreds of researchers, entrepreneurs, university specialists and regional developers on how to commercialize university knowledge, operate in networks and cooperate with business.

At Crazy Town, Mikko works hands-on to bring novel services for knowledge workers, who employ themselves via atypical means as freelancers, solopreneurs or in micro-sized companies. Having worked with hundreds of them since 2002, when he co-founded Crazy Town, Mikko has seen their relevance skyrocket during the past few years.

Loves trains, history and board games.