Kristiina Ketomäki

CEO, Plastep SME Hackathon

Kristiina Ketomäki, born 1959, was born as eldest child in working class family in the small municipality of Pertunmaa, South Savo. Kristiina learned to read in the age of five and had read all the library childrens books before first class in school.Beside reading, Kristiina had many friends and the life was quite socially active. In the age of 11, Kristiina and family moved to Lahti. After commercial studies, Kristiina started working in plastic company Eimo.

In year 2001 Kristiina and 4 other persons made an MBO-deal with Eimo and established company Plastep. Since that Kristiina has been working as CEO of Plastep. Kristiina is very interested of continuous improvement in every section of life. She is learning Lean-thinking and techniques and leadership and has gained NLP-Master Practitionary level. Also new things as IoT interest a lot.

As hobby, Kristiina participates in local politics in Heinola. She wants to increase citizen activity and by that improve the society. Being a politician in an independent group, not any political party, has been very giving. Kristiina is married and has two adult children. Two dogs, Glen of Imaal Terriers, reading and sports are nice ways to spend leisure time.