Hélène Jacquet

Deputy Executive Director for Research, International, Innovation and Partnerships, University of Bordeaux

Hélène Jacquet, 44 years, is Deputy Executive Director for Research, International, Innovation and Partnerships at the University of Bordeaux.

She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Bordeaux 1 University. After an initial period as research assistant in Bordeaux, she created and developed a technology transfer office (TTO) in the field of ICT. In 2001, she joined Sony Electronics (San Jose, California) as senior researcher, and contributed to the development and transfer of innovative technologies in the field of digital media.

Back in Paris in 2004, Hélène Jacquet joined a consulting firm specialized in industrial innovation, and became an associate partner in 2005. Her regular mission as consultant included evaluations of regional policies in the field of innovation and research, audits of technology transfer offices (TTO), management of large-scale European projects, foresight groups, performance of strategic planning and market research for start-ups, private firms and public organizations.

Hélène Jacquet joined the University of Bordeaux in 2009 where she took charge of development strategy. As such, she contributed to drafting the operational plan for the initiative of excellence of the university of Bordeaux that has been granted a €700 M endowment by the French Governement in 2011 and confirmed in 2016.