Build roots

Breakout session: Build roots

Focuses on ecosystems – the important, yet often overlooked role of ecosystems that create a fertile ground for new innovations, business creation and growth. The ecosystem is made up of players that take many shapes and forms: well-established or transient, large or small, but always vibrant and buzzing with energy. What are the necessary ingredients for a flourishing ecosystem? How do you attract the right players?

RAPPORTEUR: Ramojus Reimeris

First stream:

Second stream:

  • Santtu von Bruun, Head of Unit, Competitiveness and International Relations, City of Helsinki
  • Michael Mizrahi, Director of AtoBe Startup Accelerator, Azrieli College of Engineering, Jerusalem
  • Toni Pienonen, Expert & Partner, Business Arena Oy and Mikko Markkanen, CEO & Co-Founder, Business Arena Oy